Chemical peeling

A chemical peel is a peeling that can penetrate the deeper skin layers. The acids work their way through the cells to reach the problem. The peeling is perfect to fight skin problems that are rooted deeper into the skin.

Salicylic peel

An intensive peeling that works to reduce acne infections and treats milia (also known as milk spot). This peel can be used on oily as well as dry skin.

TCA peel

Powerful peeling that works against severe sun damage, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles and a weakened skin. The TCA peel works very well to smooth and even out the skin.

Jessner peel

Intensive peeling to thoroughly treat acne. The peel prevents pimples, calms infections, reduces dark spots and removes excess tallow and dirt from the skin. The Jessner peel gives you a clear, clean skin and is suitable for any skin type.

SkinBrite peel

The skinbrite peel clears up the skin and gives it a more uniform complexion. The peel is perfectly suitable for skin with hyperpigmentation and dark spots as a result from acne or melasma. This peeling is also very effective and safe for darker skin types.

Glycol peel 70%

Powerful anti-aging peel that helps restructure damaged skin. The glycol peel is suitable for skin with visible uv damage and the aging skin. The peeling is not suitable for sensitive skin.

What to expect? (Experiences and results)

Chemical peeling before and after

A chemical peel is applied to work against deeper rooted skin problems. The result is a clean, smooth, even and healthy skin.

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